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when he painted the picture, you wouldn't have this view, there were a row of buildings here, so this is a little bit of artistic license and interesting to think about because this is way the site looks today but wouldn't have looked like that in 1690 when he paint this picture. this is the gate that is still here today. this is the catholic church by manuel. this is the only type of it's exhibition. although it is an interior scene, the 17th century dutch painting which is the artist attention to the effect of life. here the artist subject is the atmosphere and play of light in an imagined catholic church. diffused light through the church. bathing interest rain shower interior with the glow and architectural space. here we see view of harlem with bleaching ground 1675. he was the leading painter of this golder age. view of harlem with bleaching ground not until the bash zone schools he painted on easels to look what was going to be translated. it's something to look at artist typically from going back to the studios and painting. another example master full approach to the
ex and is pretending she doesn't remember to keep her off death row. when the doctor was unclear about something martinez took the opportunity to ask him the question he asked arias countless times. >> do you have any problems with your memory? >> no, i do not have problems with my memory. >> reporter: samuels will be back on the stand to answer more questions this time from the jurors who will decide jodi arias' fate. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, phoenix. >> for more now we bring in our legal team, nancy grace the host of "nancy grace" on hln and dan abrams. i want to start with you, nancy. the prosecutor tearing into the expert conceding a lot of points. quite simply how big a blow was this to the defense? >> well, it's a huge blow. especially following jodi arias on the stand and i've got to tell you she did fairly well on direct examination. she started falling apart on cross-examination. but then when the jury started asking her questions, it was so bad she actually got a cold sore in the middle of the jury questioning. this was supposed to -- this testi
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)